CT02 - Doomsday Machine
CT02 Title
Release Date June 19, 2008
Movie Director Harry Hope, Lee Sholem
Year 1972
Cast Bobby Van, Ruta Lee, Mala Powers, Grant Williams, Casey Kasem
Preceded by The Oozing Skull
Followed by The Wasp Woman

The MovieEdit


Spies discover that the Red Chinese have built a "doomsday machine" capable of destroying the surface of the Earth, and that they plan to use it within a matter of days. Meanwhile, Project Astra, a manned U.S. space mission to Venus, is in its final hours before launch when it is taken over by the military and nearly half of its all-male crew is replaced by women. The reason for this becomes apparent when, shortly after Astra leaves orbit, the Earth is completely destroyed in a global cataclysm! Is the human race doomed? What dangers and wonders await the crew of the Astra on their journey to Venus?[1]


The EpisodeEdit

Strange InterludesEdit

Prologue: Walk to the theater An administrator expresses his gratitude to the crew for their helping to fix the electron scafold (whatever that is). The admins also offer the use of new robots (notice one looks like R2-D2) but Joel declines.

Interruption 1: Trace needs to say something Trace would like to say something to the group, but every time he is about to Joel interrupts him on the megaphone with a countdown till the movie resumes.

Quotes & ReferencesEdit

  • Trace:"Lori Scott Scott Miller, starring in Glenngerry Glenn Ross"

This is a play on words reference to Glenngarry Glenn Ross.

  • Josh: "Stop...Hammon Time!"

This is a reference to MC Hammer's song U Can't Touch This.

  • Josh: "A gumball machine head on a robot? I'm sorry, that is lame"

A hysterical reference to the one and only Tom Servo whom Josh voiced in Season 0 (KTMA) and Season 1.

  • Joel: "I'll take things a rapist might say for 400"

This is a reference to the TV Gameshow Jeopardy!

Video ReleaseEdit

As with all Cinematic Titanic releases, you can purchase them at their website, or for a direct download from EZ Takes

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